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At a Glance: Areas of Expertise

- Mold and Bacteria (investigations/remediation plans)

- Indoor air contamination (gases/particulates/pesticides/odors/other)

- Soot (cause and origin)

- Smoke damage (delineation/mapping/remediation protocols)

- Problematic (Chinese) Drywall (assessment/protocols)

- Water damage restoration (review of methods used)

- Chemical exposure (residential/workplace)

- Allergens (cat and dog dander/cockroach feces/other asthma triggers)

- Land/air/water pollution situations (assessment/cause/origin)

- Legionella and E. Coli (assessment/cause/origin)


Lead in Famous Black Mold Case

I worked as the lead industrial hygienist for the defense, completing the mold sampling investigation, assessment report, and remediation protocol for the Ballard residence in Dripping Springs, Texas. The case (Mary Melinda Ballard et. al. vs. Fire Insurance Exchange) became known as the famous “toxic black mold case.” The primary mold of concern was Stachybotrys, a black mold. As Project Manager, I led multiple investigations of the home. I completed several written reports that were defended in depositions. I gave testimony at a Grand Jury and at two depositions. (There are numerous articles on the internet regarding this case.)


20 Years with Forensic Firm

Prior to forming D. Bridge Environmental, LLC, I conducted investigations as a full-time employee for Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. (Rimkus), a respected engineering/forensic firm with over twenty offices. During my 20 years at Rimkus, I conducted investigations involving many types of indoor and outdoor contaminants, including mold, bacteria, soot, smoke, and other pollutants found in indoor air, and in outside properties. Many of these projects began as or turned into legal projects, requiring unique skills for completing document reviews, field investigations, data analyses, and written reports.


20+ Years as Expert Witness

I have testified at arbitrations, mediations, depositions and court trials. Projects have involved mold, bacteria, soot/smoke damage, water damage, and human exposures involving residential and workplace situations. I have conducted many investigations and written numerous reports for attorney clients.


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  • Mold

    I have performed hundreds of mold investigations. These investigations have included commercial buildings, school buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and residences. I was the lead industrial hygienist for the defense during the famous “toxic black mold case”.


    I have conducted post-hurricane water/mold damage surveys in large buildings in Houston and New Orleans. I have also given peer-reviewed presentations on sampling and analysis of mold in buildings.

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    I have investigated buildings with air quality problems related to Sick Building Syndrome, mold, bacteria, odor, humidity, particulates, volatile organics, and aldehydes. My investigations have included commercial buildings, school buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and residences.

  • Smoke/Soot

    I have conducted many investigations in residences and commercial buildings for the purpose of determining the extent of smoke damage due to wildfires and internal fire events. The investigations have involved building contents, building structural components and interior surfaces, and HVAC systems. Often the conclusions of such studies can make a large difference in the cost of remediation. For example, after investigating internal fire smoke damage in a warehouse, laboratory analysis of smoke damage residuals, extracted from bulk samples of promotional items, saved the client from destroying millions of dollars of inventory.


    I have investigated many homes in Arizona, California and Texas that were potentially damaged by wildfire smoke. The sampling techniques and laboratory analytical methods provide an accurate means for determining if a residence received smoke contamination from a wildfire. I also gave a peer-reviewed presentation on the analysis of data collected from wildfire sites.


    I have conducted many investigations of black soot in commercial buildings and residences. These investigations typically involve identification of the source as well as recommended actions to eliminate/remediate the contaminant

  • Problematic (Chinese) Drywall

    I have conducted sampling for indoor sulfur gases, evidence of corrosion, and chemicals in gypsum board, in many homes potentially contaminated by sulfur gases released from Chinese drywall. The projects have been in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. I have presented a seminar on investigating homes for Chinese drywall to legal professionals.

  • Human Exposure (Chemicals & Particulates)

    I have conducted field sampling investigations for specific chemicals such as quaternary compounds and sulfur dioxide and later provided testimony concerning my findings and conclusions. I have also performed sampling for particulates including airborne asbestos, fiberglass particles, and nuisance dust.

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